The Armoury Open is seeking volunteers who are looking to be a part of our event and help us to make it as smooth as possible. For those who do not want to compete but are looking for a way to be involved we would be thrilled to have you as part of our Event Team! We are looking for the following:


We will need a small army of individuals out on the floor with our athletes to ensure our movement standards are being followed and reps are being counted correctly! Judges will be briefed on standards at the start of each day and before the start of each event to keep standards as fair as possible across the board.


Our event staff will be assisting with other tasks related to running the event. Anything from equipment set up to time keeping! Positions will be assigned based on our need.

For those looking to help out please click the button below and email us with the following information:

Name and contact information

Availability for the weekend

Any limitations you may have

We will compile and send out a schedule prior to the event with times and positions for everyone helping out. Thank you for all so much for your support and we look forward to having you on the Event Team!